General Manager / Chief Wastewater Operator

Woodbridge Sanitary District   Woodbridge, CA   Full-time     Management
Posted on March 29, 2021

General Manager/Chief Wastewater Operator


Part-time 15-20 hrs./ per week 

$30 Hour /No Benefits

Must live within 1 hour of Woodbridge, CA

Must have a Grade 2 Wastewater Certificate

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/General Manager works under the direction of the District Board of Directors, and has a wide range of responsibilities including wastewater operations; administrative, public relations, personnel and general affairs of the District; enforcing the policies of the District; working with Directors, employees, developers, contractors and the general public; enforcing ordinances, resolutions, policies, codes and laws established by the Board of Directors, San Joaquin County and the State if California; overseeing the general financial affairs of the District, and reporting to the Board of Directors with a budget, recommendations and financial reports; planning, organizing, directing, and delegating tasks for the maintenance, operation, construction, and repairs of the District’s wastewater treatment plant and other facilities and equipment.


Examples of Duties:

  • Operate, inspect, maintain, and ensure the upkeep of District’s wastewater facilities, equipment, and buildings.
  • Research, gather, compile, and write comprehensive reports, studies, and other materials; keep accurate records and submit reports as requested by the District or regulatory agencies with authorization over wastewater operations.
  • Prepare and administer the District’s annual budget.
  • Ensure that all required testing, reporting and recordkeeping activities are done in a timely manner and submittals are made to the appropriate regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over wastewater treatment operations.
  • Attend District Board Meetings and prepare and deliver a monthly“General Manager’s Report” as part of the regular meeting agenda. Assistance is provided in the preparation of the board agenda and board minutes.
  • Carry into effect the expressed policies of the District Board of Directors,including rules and regulations.
  • Enforce ordinances, resolutions, policies, codes, and laws established by the Board of Directors, San Joaquin County, and the State of California.
  • Ensure that all permits, agreements, and contracts of the District are faithfully observed by all parties.
  • Arrange for the purchase and/or ordering materials and supplies as needed.
  • Hire employees for positions pre-approved by the Board.
  • Interview, direct, supervise, and evaluate the activities of District employees.
  • Communicate change in job status to employees with prior consultation and in accordance with procedures approved by District Legal Counsel.
  • Represent the best interests of the District in a professional manner when appearing before the public, governmental agencies, or civic organizations.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  • Conduct safety meetings as required by State and County laws.