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University Enterprises, Inc.
Posted on April 30, 2019
Job Title Financial Analyst
Worksite City Sacramento, California
Advertised Salary Range $4,267 - $6,401
Temporary No
Length of Appointment N/A
Hours per week Regular (full-time) Employee – 40 hours per week (Benefited)
FLSA Exempt
Broad Scope and Function

The Analyst’s work will focus on ensuring the fiscal, administrative, and operational health of the Institute. The individual will be expected to perform a range of independent work related to tracking and analyzing fiscal data, including conducting long-term budget planning, developing budget projections, monitoring budgets from multiple funding sources across multiple staff members (institute-wide and project-level), briefing the Institute’s Executive Director monthly about the fiscal health of the Institute and of individual project budgets, and providing project budget tracking information to each project director. The Financial Analyst will work with the Institute’s Executive Director to oversee all administrative/operational and fiscal needs for the Institute and will act as an internal and external resource on administrative and procedural matters. The individual will participate in the external funding processes (pre- and post-awards), ensure compliance with applicable regulations/requirements related to the Institute’s funding streams, maintain administrative files for all projects, conduct overall operational and fiscal duties for the Institute, coordinate and oversee all project-related expenditures. Specialty areas include, but are not limited to, the following: financial analysis, developing staffing work flow projections, budget analysis, administration and operations, contract administration, project management, purchasing, knowledge of relevant Sacramento State and University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) systems, and administrative supervision and training.

Reporting Relationship

The position reports directly to and receives general direction from the Executive Director of the Institute for Social Research. The position supervises the Administrative Coordinator and administrative student employees.

Conditions of Employment

This is a full-time, exempt from overtime, benefited position with a defined contribution retirement plan through TIAA. (The position is not covered under the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.) Continued employment in this position is dependent upon funding and the mutual consent of University Enterprises and the employee, and either University Enterprises or the employee, can, at any time, terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause. Program continuation is contingent upon funding.

Work Schedule  
Minimum Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s Degree in business, accounting, or related field, or equivalent combination of education and/or work experience.

2. Ability to take initiative and independently plan, organize, coordinate, and perform work in various situations where numerous and diverse demands are involved.

3. Demonstrated experience preparing budgets and performing budget analysis, including multi-year projections, developing and administering budgets, and monitoring/reconciling budgets.

4. Ability to perform business mathematics and statistics, analyze budgetary data, and make accurate projections requiring inference.

5. Demonstrated experience in advanced spreadsheet use and visual presentation of budgetary and project management data and information.

6. Demonstrated knowledge of grants and contracts processes.

7. Demonstrated knowledge of supervisory skills or techniques needed to train and evaluate employees.

8. Demonstrated knowledge of modern office methods, procedures, and practices, including project management (such as, word processing (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs), spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets), file management (such Google Drive), and web conferencing (such as Zoom or WebEx).

9. Demonstrated experience designing, creating, and maintaining databases and spreadsheet; must be able to gather data from databases and spreadsheets and prepare financial reports.

10. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and cooperatively with students, staff, and clients with diverse cultural backgrounds.

11. Demonstrated ability to analyze operational and procedural problems and develop, recommend, and evaluate proposed solutions using reasoning and obtaining feedback from relevant colleagues as needed.

12. Ability to understand problems from a broader perspective and anticipate the impact of office administration problems and solutions on other areas.

13. Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and skills to effectively function as part of a team. Demonstrated ability to clearly answer routine questions and/or refer callers/visitors to appropriate departments.

14. Excellent command of the English language including grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

15. Self-directed with the ability to function effectively in a detail-oriented capacity to interpret and apply guidelines, policies, and procedures established by funding agencies; answer a variety of questions and concerns from project personnel and staff.

16. Demonstrated ability to prioritize many different tasks, determine the relative importance of each task, complete projects accordingly, and work with deadlines and time pressure. Experience in handling confidential materials.

17. Demonstrated experience performing independent and collaborative responsibilities related to fiscal, administrative, and operational duties. Judgment and discretion reflective of a solid knowledge of administrative, operational, and fiscal policies and needs.

18. Must pass a background check, which may include fingerprinting. Must continue to meet the established standards.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience in higher education or with a non-profit 501©(3) organization.

2. Experience working in a consulting and/or contract-based business environment.

3. Knowledge of administrative and budgeting procedures for both UEI and Sacramento State.

4. Demonstrated experience in the supervision and training of staff members.

Physical Requirements

Sit for extended periods; frequently stand and walk; manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination; corrected hearing and vision to normal range; verbal communication; use of office equipment including computers, telephones, calculators, copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines.

Working Conditions

Work is performed in an office environment; regular contact with staff, campus community, the public, and other agencies.

Project Description

The Institute for Social Research (the Institute) is a California State University, Sacramento research center located at the new Sacramento State Downtown location. We work with state and local agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the academic community to conduct applied research studies about programs, policies, and communities. The Institute offers a broad range of analytical services including survey research, program/policy evaluations, and applied social science research. The Institute is a self-supporting center, operating with full-time professional staff, graduate research assistants, and faculty associates. Read more about the work we do here

Job Duties


Job Duty

01. Works with the Executive Director to maintain financial solvency of the Institute by collecting and analyzing revenue, expenditure, grant, and contract data to prepare one and multi-year budget projections; updates projections to identify revenue issues relative to operating costs, cash flow and fund reserve requirements. Works with the Executive Director to calculate pre-contract (proposal) and post-contract (award) budgets.

Job Duties


Job Duty

02. Works with the Executive Director, Research Specialists, and Principal Investigators (P.I.s) to track Institute and project expenditures and account balances. Manages multiple funding sources. Establishes and maintains internal budgetary procedures, including the establishment and maintenance of budgetary tracking systems to ensure that individual expenditures are assigned to the appropriate account.

Job Duty

03. Creates, maintains, and uses systems for tracking multiple external grants and contracts. Reviews budget to actual status for numerous on-going and new projects; reconciles grants and contracts budgets and expenditures. Identifies, researches, and resolves discrepancies.

Job Duty

04. Independently monitors and reconciles office budget accounts, both General Fund and UEI accounts. Prepares budget detail for UEI to use as basis for submitting invoices for external funding. Prepares project budgets for inclusion in grants/contracts. Oversees grant/contract budgets, personnel costs, accounts payable, and receivables. Maintains project expenditures in database or spreadsheet for budget reconciliation. Monitors budgets to avoid cost overruns.

Job Duty  
Job Duty

06. Provides workload breakdowns for each payroll period to the Institute’s UEI employees and to the UEI grants administrator. Instructs UEI on payments for invoices for the Sacramento State Budget Office for the salaries and benefits of the Institute’s Sacramento State employees reflecting the division of staff workload across the various grant accounts.

Job Duty

07. Coordinates the Institute’s projects to ensure compliance with grant/contract requirements; works with contract officers and Institute staff to ensure goals are accomplished within budget and efficient operation as to resources, timelines, and deliverables. Maintains records, files, progress reports, and other documentation related to all grants and contracts to ensure meeting deadlines and invoicing accurately. Reviews, recommends, and approves the invoices for consultants, contractors, and vendors as authorized under the Institute’s policies and procedures. Prepares periodic reports for management regarding the status of project deliverables and budget allocations.

Job Duty

08. Supervises the management of the Institute’s permanent retention of reports, data, fiscal and personnel records.

Job Duty

09. Anticipates fiscal, administrative, and operational needs for the Institute and communicates those issues regularly to the Executive Director. Provides analysis of the administrative functions of the Institute for the Executive Director, and periodically reviews and implements enhancements of office procedures and operations.

Job Duty

10. Supervises, schedules, trains, develops, evaluates, and mentors assigned staff consistent with UEI personnel policies and procedures and Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity guidelines; prepares and delivers performance evaluations; and acts as lead in the selection and hiring of administrative and operational department staff.

Job Duty

11. Assist the director in analyzing and evaluating grant and contract staffing needs, projects future staffing needs and assists in the development of new positions. Develops projections for future cost structures and expenditure patterns.

Job Duty

12. Supervises the preparation and routing of timesheets for the Institute’s employees for each payroll period and maintains related records. Works with Executive Director to ensure UEI staff time is allocated to appropriate projects and accounts are approved, submitted, and paid out in a timely manner.

Job Duty

13. Works with considerable independence as a primary liaison between the Institute, UEI, Sacramento State, and external agency representatives as needed on matters related to the Institute’s project contracts, budget development, and implementation.

Job Duty

14. Communicates with private, local, state, and federal contracting agencies on issues including but not limited to grants and contracts compliance, costs, and/or deliverables. Serves as the primary liaison and communicates with campus entities to ensure compliance with UEI and Sacramento State rules and regulations and to ensure informed decision-making by the Institute.

Job Duty

15. Works with the Executive Director, to create policies and procedures to ensure the Institute’s operations comply with federal, state, university and UEI regulations and that appropriate reviews and safeguards are in place to ensure fiscal and other contractual responsibilities are met.

Job Duty

16. Supervises the processing and preparation of hiring documentation for faculty, graduate student assistants, and independent contractors/consultants who work for the Institute.

Job Duty

17. Trains staff on Sacramento State and UEI guidelines regarding procurement card usage, including statement reconciliation and processing timely payments for all cards. Ensures compliance with all regulations.

Job Duty

18. Supervises and trains staff on the completion of travel arrangements, preparation of travel requests, and tracking and reconciling of travel reimbursements.

Job Duty

19. Works with the Administrative Coordinator on office/building issues and with the procurement and maintenance of equipment, telecommunications, and information technology.

Job Duty

20. Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director to ensure the success of the program and its participants.

Posting Number B062F18
Number of Vacancies 1
Position End Date (if temporary)  
Open Date 04/26/2019
Close Date 05/10/2019
Open Until Filled No
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