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Posted on January 5, 2022
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University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) at Sacramento State is seeking a Controller for our Business Services Division. UEI is a Sacramento State non-profit auxiliary organization which meets the evolving needs of the University community by providing programs and services that support and strengthen the Sacramento State experience. Business Services oversees and manages the business and financial operations of UEI. The primary functions of the department include preparing and processing financial and business transactions, bank account reconciliation, purchase orders, monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial statements, and corporate and other tax forms. The department also maintains fixed asset and depreciation records, oversees investment activity and performs performance analyses, and coordinates and consolidates the annual budget. UEI Business Services also provides in-depth, state-of-the-business reporting for review and analysis by internal and external audiences such as the UEI board of directors, corporate committees, the Chancellor’s Office, federal and state agencies, banking institutions, auditors, vendors, and creditors.

UEI offers an excellent benefits package which includes:
• Participation in CalPERS Retirement Program
• Paid Vacation Time – starting at 10 hours accrued/month
• Paid Sick Time – 8 hours accrued/month
• Paid Holidays – 13 paid holidays per year including paid time off the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day as the CSUS campus is closed
• Excellent medical benefits – 100% employer paid medical & dental for employee-only coverage and low cost for family coverage

Apply online by January 21, 2022 by following the Learn More / Apply button.
Posting Number - B053F20

Pay Rate: $7,322 - $10,983 per month

Sacramento State University requires all campus employees, including auxiliary employees, to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have a qualifying exemption.

Position Overview:
The position plans, organizes, and supervises the financial information and Business Services Department of University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI). The position develops fiscal recommendations and provides fiscal information to the Finance Director, Officers, and operating units of UEI, federal and state regulatory agencies, Chancellor's Office, banking institutions, the University and CSU auxiliaries, and other external organizations. The position reports directly to and receives general direction from the Finance Director. Reporting to the position are the Accounting/Budget Manager, Accounts Payable Supervisor, and Accounts Receivable Supervisor.

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Plans and organizes the financial information of UEI and supervises the Business Services Department of UEI; oversees the development and maintenance of a computerized accounting system for the preparation of financial information and reports; ensures the proper maintenance of computer files to compile balance sheets, activity statements, and changes in net assets; and ensures that the computer system, funds, and projects remain balanced.
- Manages various personnel actions including, but not limited to: hiring, work assignments, training, performance appraisals, promotions, vacation schedules, and disciplinary actions consistent with UEI policies. -  - Supervises staff consistent with UEI policies and Affirmative Action Program.
- Assists the Finance Director with ensuring compliance with government agency requirements, in developing and reporting financial information; guaranteeing compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Standards, Governmental Accounting Standards Board pronouncements, Government Auditing Standards, Office of the Chancellor of the California State University, the California Department of Finance, and U.S. Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133.
- Serves as a consultant on financial issues for the Finance Director, management staff, and project personnel; examines and translates financial information related to specific business decisions; reports on operating results, cash flow, financial forecasts, restricted funds' activities, investments, and related issues.
- Oversees administration of UEI cash flow to meet short and long-term financial requirements; approves bank transfers when needed; approves funds drawn on federal letter of credits; reviews and provides detail reporting on UEI investment activities, such as purchases, sales, gains, or losses; recommends possible investments.
- Oversees the development and preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements for UEI.
- Supervises property acquisition, development, and property maintenance accounting, including establishment and amortization of capital lease. Researches and recommends various financing options. Monitors and processes Property Development Fund bond payments. Records capitalized interest and interest expense quarterly; records Trustee bond payments semi-annually. Monitors and records quarterly amortization of bond premium costs and deferred outflows related to bond refinancing.
- Signs purchase orders, disbursement warrants, accounts receivable billings, and approves bank account reconciliations.
- Coordinates internal and external audits for UEI; prepares work papers; schedules and manages responses to audits; prepares tax return schedules, provides annual tax return information and supporting documents to auditors; and approves the completed tax return before submission.
- Responsible for automated accounts receivable invoicing and bad debt collection, purchasing, accounts payable check processing; and automated 1099 reporting.
- Prepares audit working papers, lead schedules, and various supporting and detail schedules for outside auditors; answers audit and accounting questions from auditors, researches, and provides necessary backup for auditors.
- Oversees the accounting system for federal and state equipment purchased by UEI and transfers to the University.
- Oversees the Fixed Assets inventory and accounting for UEI and projects.
- Participates in and oversees annual budget and financial presentations by UEI Directors and managers; supervises consolidation and publication of budget documents; researches issues and provides input for decision making process; plans and institutes procedures and reporting of financial information as required.
- Oversees the filing of sales tax, use tax, and other returns; and enforces sales and use tax regulations and other tax related issues.
- Responsible for the implementation of the new lease accounting to ensure the compliance with various reporting standards.
- Responsible for monitoring and recording Pension Plan and Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) to ensure compliance with various reporting standards.
- Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or related field or equivalent experience.
- Demonstrated work experience in accounting and auditing, in a management or supervisory capacity.
- Demonstrated substantial work experience with accounting and auditing, fiscal planning and reporting, budgeting, investment, cost accounting, research, cash management and data processing responsibilities.
- Demonstrated advanced knowledge of principles, practices, and methods of financial administration, accounting, auditing, record keeping, financial analysis, research, financial budget development, preparation, administration, and procedures; and principles and practices of cash management, business law, tax law, and cost accounting.
- Demonstrated extensive experience directing the development of complex financial statements and reports; preparing, reviewing, and analyzing information; performing fiscal planning, fiscal projections, and budget development.
- Demonstrated extensive experience operating a computer and applicable software packages in the supervision and performance of fiscal planning and fiscal control responsibilities. Demonstrated experience with database computer applications.
- Demonstrated ability to hire, supervise, train, evaluate, develop, and discipline staff consistent with University Enterprises policies.
- Ability to serve as a financial consultant for University Enterprises.
- Demonstrated knowledge and skill in the United States generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and auditing standards, mathematics, statistics, data processing methods, equipment, and practices as they relate to computerized accounting systems.
- Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and supervise the functions and activities of the Business Services Department of University Enterprises.
- Demonstrated ability to anticipate needs and establish priorities. Demonstrated ability to work independently and plan day-to-day activities; prepare, review, and analyze information; talk to and interview others to obtain or exchange information.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills. Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Demonstrated experience working with and maintaining highly sensitive, confidential information.
- Must be fingerprinted and pass a background check. Must continue to meet the established standards.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Certified Public Accountant certification.
- Demonstrated nonprofit accounting experience. Knowledge of gift, grant, and contract accounting and/or property acquisition and development accounting.
- Knowledge of state and federal regulations and principles related to grant and contract activities.
- Experience with Central Square/OneSolution software (formerly SunGard/Bi-Tech) or similar accounting software.