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Posted on April 20, 2022
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The Superior Court of California, County of Sutter
Applications are being accepted for
Eligibility List for
Information Systems Analyst I/II (3-22)
Application Deadline: May 27, 2022 – 4:00 p.m.
IT Analyst I/II Hourly Rate: $30.1219 to $44.5303
Application forms are available on the web at or Courthouse Administration Office - Room
200, 1175 Civic Center Blvd., Yuba City, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or call Human Resources (530) 822-3302.
The following documents are required to be submitted as an Application Packet:
1. A thoroughly completed and signed court application form; and
2. The Supplemental Application (page five of this announcement); and
3. The Supplemental Questionnaire (page six of this announcement); and
4. A résumé (A résumé will not substitute for the responses to this application); and
Deadline - no later than 4:00 p.m., May 27, 2022. Submit complete Application Packet to:
Superior Court of California, County of Sutter
Human Resources - Room 200
1175 Civic Center Blvd.
Yuba City, CA 95993
Application Packet can be submitted by email to: Application packet
with original signature must be mailed and postmarked within two days of email. Alternatively,
application packet can be delivered in person to the address above within two days of email.
Under general supervision, performs professional duties related to the analyzing, trouble shooting, repairing,
and effecting appropriate solutions for computer and data processing needs; providing technical support,
analysis, and training in the use of information systems and equipment; managing Court information systems
projects; analyzing existing or proposed work processes; and planning, designing, writing, and proposing
difficult and complex systems and procedures to enhance the efficiency of these processes.
Information Systems Analyst I - Examples of Essential Duties/Functions: This is the entry level position of
the Information Systems Analyst series. When assigned, the essential functions and tasks listed below must be
accomplished effectively, are standard, and may not be inclusive of all functions and tasks that may be assigned.
• Participates in and may act as project manager in the implementation and maintenance of courts data
processing systems.
• Installs, configures, and supports various communications, hardware/software components including lines,
modems, routers, switches, remote controllers.
• Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots current Windows operating systems and server software.
• Administers, maintains, and troubleshoots MS Exchange Server and Outlook clients including virus
• Receives, logs, and monitors calls regarding computer and network problems.
Information Systems Analyst I/II Eligibility List (3-22)
Closes May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm
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• Develops a thorough understanding of application area and technology environment to ensure proper
integration with automated systems; aids in completing changes to meet requirements.
• Advises manager/supervisor of staffing needs or operational problems and recommends changes in policies
and procedures.
• Provides system hardware and software support; manages system security; configures new system users.
• Acts as liaison to consult and advise on matters related to hardware and software implementation, strategic
planning, and development.
• Coordinates and oversees implementation and maintenance of the data processing systems and activities.
• Completes server operations such as but not limited to daily backups, virus updates, firewall intruder
detection logs, checks for errors and warning messages and takes corrective action.
• Develops, manages and /or maintains software and hardware documentation.
• Program segments of larger programs; participates in design and development of computer systems;
produces requirement documents detailing business functions.
• Codes classes, services, and windows for the application; creates test data and testing plans for new services
and windows; documents program design and business rules; participates in the evaluation of new
development tools and equipment.
• Produces design documents that detail the layout of user views and internal system structures required to
produce the views; prepares program documentation for inclusion in operator instructions.
• Research problem reports and requests for systems enhancements; discusses enhancements with the systems
architect to determine changes to the object or data model required; designs services and code corrections;
designs new system enhancements.
• Defines testing scenarios for sub-systems; conducts program, unit, and sub-system testing.
• Assist with the planning, organizing, training and inspection of Court Audio/Video systems and the
systems’ related sub-systems.
• Oversee inspection, correction, acceptance, and continuing maintenance of vendor/contractor work.
• Maintains a strong sense of current and future shifts in technology in information systems.
• Designs and writes new case management system reports and queries.
• Creates test data scripts and data for highly complex computer systems.
Information Systems Analyst II - Examples of Essential Duties/Functions: This is a journey level
classification in the information systems analyst series. Performs a full range of complex tasks and works under
direction within a framework of established procedures working with only occasional instruction or assistance.
Involves frequent interpretation of policies, procedures and guidelines; and may involve the development of
recommendations consistent with directives, policies and regulations. Proficient in both applications design and
analysis and in applications programming.
• Designs and writes new computer programs; maintains and modifies existing programs.
• Resolves problems caused by application software errors and assists users with application software
• Has increased administrative responsibility in relation to Information Systems Analyst I.
• Provides expertise in multiple operating systems, database applications and other specialized systems.
• Assists with planning, organizing, coordinating, assigning the work of other Information Technology staff
members, and conducting staff training and team building.
Knowledge of: Relevant programming language; different data organization and access methods; tools and
technologies used in various systems and applications; specific applications used in court systems; objectoriented analysis and programming; application development cycle; different data organizations and access
Information Systems Analyst I/II Eligibility List (3-22)
Closes May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm
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methods; relational databases and SQL; different application development methodologies; application
development process; object oriented analysis and design; project management principles; distributed
processing; principles and methods of relational data base concepts, systems analysis, programming and design;
data collection, analysis and display; report preparation and writing.
Skills and Abilities: Work independently and as a member of a team; work under pressure and meet deadlines;
create test data and test plans; execute test plans; perform impact analysis; diagnose and solve problems;
analyze and resolve court application needs and problems; communicate on technical issues with individuals
with varying degrees of computer familiarity; translate change requests into technical constructs that define
design for developers; provide written documentation of application design and technical procedures; exercise
initiative in developing and applying effective operating procedures application to information systems and
office automation programs in a multiple operating environment; organize and manage multiple priorities;
concentrate on many complex elements of a problem; establish and maintain working relationships with staff,
judges and court personnel.
Education and Experience:
Information Systems Analyst I – Two years of professional level experience in a computer systems operations
or support position performing analysis, design, and programming for personal computer (PC) support or
information systems management. Successful completion from an accredited college or university of a
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems management, or a closely related field may be
substituted for the required experience.
Information Systems Analyst II – Two years of full-time experience in Sutter Superior Court performing
duties equivalent to those of an Information Systems Analyst I OR four years of professional level experience
in a computer systems operations or support position performing analysis, design, networking and programming
for personal computers and information systems management. Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree
program in computer science, information systems management, or a closely related field from an accredited
college or university may be substituted for two years of the required experience.
Selection Procedure: Application packets will be reviewed for minimum qualifications. Applications that
contain documentation that the job applicant meets the minimum requirements may be referred to a screening
committee. Candidates with the most directly related experience, education, and training may be invited to a
written, performance and/or oral exam. Investigation of employment history and references may be conducted
prior to offer of employment. The information provided in this job announcement is general in nature and does
not constitute an expressed or implied contract.
Salary and Benefits
Salary: Salary range consists of five steps with approximately a five percent difference between each step. Annual
performance reviews are conducted which may advance the employee through the steps. The court strives to provide
internal promotional opportunities whenever possible. Vacation: This position provides 12 (twelve) days vacation per
year. Vacation accrual is scheduled to increase with each additional five years of service up to a maximum of 21 (twentyone) days per year. Holidays: Thirteen paid holidays each year. Sick Leave: Sick leave accrues at the rate of 12 (twelve)
days per year for full time employees. Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance: The court pays the major portion of health,
dental, and vision insurance for employees and eligible dependents. Life Insurance: Term life insurance is provided for
employees and eligible dependents and paid for by the court. Retirement: The court provides a defined benefit retirement
plan through California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS). Deferred Compensation: The court offers
two deferred compensation plans for employees who wish to participate through payroll deduction. Employee benefits
may vary with different employee bargaining units.
Information Systems Analyst I/II Eligibility List (3-22)
Closes May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm
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Recruitment Process
Submit a completed court application, supplemental application and other documents as requested in the HOW TO
APPLY section at the beginning of this announcement, by the date and time indicated. Applying for certain positions
may require that you participate in written exams and oral interviews. Please notify Court Human Resources prior to
the final filing date of this recruitment if you believe you have a disability that would make it difficult to participate in
any portion of the recruitment process, and would require reasonable accommodation. The court reserves the right to
require medical documentation concerning the need for reasonable accommodation.
Pre-Employment Policies
Offers of employment are contingent upon submission of documents verifying identity and authorization to work in the
United States in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Naturalization Control Act of 1986; successful completion
of background and reference check; satisfactory driving record and proof of automobile insurance (if applicable to the
job), and other requirements of the position (licensing, certification, etc.) and may include a pre-employment medical
review/examination, and alcohol and drug screening. Employees who are authorized to and use their car during the
course of conducting court business and who, subsequent to their hiring, incur significant moving violations or lack of
insurance may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
Information Systems Analyst I/II Eligibility List (3-22)
Closes May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm
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Eligibility List for
Information Systems Analyst I/II
Supplemental Application (3-22)
All candidates are required to complete and return this supplemental application form with their official
application packet for this position. Your responses to the questions contained in this supplemental application
form will be used in part to determine those applicants who meet the necessary employment standards for the
position. In addition, your responses will be reviewed and used to assist in the final hiring process.
Responses to the following questions should be limited to one page per question. Responses must be legibly
handwritten or typed.
Read each question carefully.
Make certain that each question is answered COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY before you submit this
Do not leave a blank question.
Please print your name, sign and date EACH page.
1. What area of Information Technology are you most focused or interested in? Why that area?
2. Please describe your knowledge and experience with Microsoft operating systems.
3. Describe your experience with Systems Administration along with automation.
4. Describe your experience with networking equipment and technologies and briefly summarize a relevant
project or example.
5. What has been your experience with cloud infrastructure which included backup and disaster recovery?
6. What experience, if any, do you have with information security – specifically intrusion prevention,
detection, and resolution?
7. Describe your knowledge with administering databases and database servers.
I certify the information provided is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and represents my sole
personal work. I understand any falsification may cancel any terms, conditions, or privileges of employment.
Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ________________
(Please return this signed form attached to the responses to the questions.)
Information Systems Analyst I/II Eligibility List (3-22)
Closes May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm
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Applicant Name:
Using the below scale, please rank your expertise level and the number of years of experience in each category listed.
0=No experience; 1=Basic; 2=Intermediate, 3=Advanced; 4=Expert
EXAMPLE Troubleshooting Installing Supporting Repairing
Expertise Years Expertise Years Expertise Years Expertise Years
ABC Environment 4 6 3 5 4 6 2 3
Product Troubleshooting Installing Supporting Repairing
Expertise Years Expertise Years Expertise Years Expertise Years
Acrobat Pro
Windows Desktop
Windows Server
MS Hyper-V and/or other Hypervisors
Active Directory
MS System Center Products
Desktop Computers & Laptops
Multi-functional Printers
Scanning Devices
Audio/Visual & Recording Equipment
Door Access Systems & Controllers
Security Cameras & Recording Equipment
List Other Relevant Experience:

Sutter Superior Court

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