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Communications Tech II

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
MATHER, CA Full time
Posted on October 24, 2017

Communications  Tech  II

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is currently accepting online applications.

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Final Filing Date: Monday 11/6/17 4pm

Salary $69,581.40 - $84,453.48 Annually                                              

Under general direction, perform basic and advanced radio, telephone, and alphanumeric paging duties such as analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve technical operational problems; install and perform maintenance on hardware and software; perform project tests, and program debugging; prepare user policies, procedures, and documentation; provide training to users on systems implementation and operations; perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.


This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the position; it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

  1.  Perform basic and advanced installation and maintenance of 800 MHz, UHF and VHF radios, Voice over IP, alphanumeric paging, cell phone, station alerting, mobile data terminal and UPS equipment.
  2. Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve technical operational problems related to 800 MHz and VHF radios, Voice over IP, alphanumeric paging, cell phone, station alerting, mobile data terminal and UPS equipment.  
  3. Create, modify, and review technical systems documentation.
  4. Prepare user procedures and documentation. 
  5. Provide training to users on system implementation and operations.
  6. Provide technical assistance on 800 MHz and VHF radios, Voice over IP, alphanumeric paging, cell phone, station alerting, mobile data terminal and UPS equipment. 
  7. Develop procedures for use and maintenance of 800 MHz and VHF radios, Voice over IP, alphanumeric paging, cell phone, station alerting, mobile data terminal and UPS equipment.
  8. Meet and work with representatives from vendors and District divisions. 
  9. Assist in the development, planning and construction of new communications systems.
  10. Prepare written or oral summaries of work performed. 
  11. Drive vehicles to various shop or field locations to install, service and repair communications equipment.
  12. Other related duties as assigned by supervisor. 

Education and Experience
Education must be obtained through a post secondary institution currently accredited by any accreditation body recognized by either the Counsel for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the United States Department of Education.


1.  Education or training in Electrical Technology, Electrical Engineering, Communications Technology, or a field that is directly related to the knowledge and abilities may be substituted for one (1) year of required general experience. Acceptable education or training is:         

a.  A certificate of completion of a vocational training program in one of the above fields             


b.  Completion of 30 semester units in one of the above fields    
2.  Three (3) years of full time paid experience, within the last eight (5) years in installation, maintenance, and repair of communications equipment consisting of VHF/UHF/800 MHz two-way radios; simulcast trunked radio systems; portable and mobile radios; base control, repeater stations, and alphanumeric paging equipment. 


  1. Telecommunication experience such as Key Service Units, PBX's, wireless phones, and general maintenance and operation.

Knowledge of:

  1. Basic theory of radio communications and electronics, including tube, solid state, and integrated circuits; communications mathematics; digital numbering and alphanumeric codes; digital to analog translation; analog to digital conversion; parity and checksum techniques.
  2. Safety procedures, such as handling electrical energy devices and electromagnetic wave propagation. 
  3. Federal Communications Commission laws, rules, and regulations relating to radio and microwave equipment.  Desirable knowledge to include Public Safety Service.
  4. Principles and procedures of fabricating, installing, maintaining, repairing, operating, and testing VHF/UHF/800 MHz radio equipment, including simulcast trunked radio systems, radio controlled equipment, test devices, alphanumeric paging systems, mobile data systems, and other telecommunications equipment. 
  5. Computer networking operations.
  6. Voice over IP technology. 
  7. Uninterruptible power supplies. 

Ability to:


  1. Establish and maintain harmonious and effective working relationships with a wide variety of people that include senior management, employees, outside agencies, and the general public.
  2. Read and interpret laws, rules, and regulations governing radio and microwave equipment in the public safety service. 
  3. Read and interpret electrical and electronic schematic diagrams, blueprints, and service manuals.
  4. Keep accurate records and prepare clear and concise reports. 
  5. Conduct and/or coordinate training regarding District radio, telephone, and alphanumeric paging equipment.
  6. Prioritize work and seek solutions to specific problems. 
  7. Apply logical and orderly analysis process to troubleshooting and solving operational radio, telephone, and alphanumeric paging equipment problems.
  8. Read and interpret instructions in technical manuals including circuitry, schematics and symbols and read blueprints. 
  9. Use the proper test equipment related to telecommunications maintenance and repair.
  10. Understand and follow written and oral directions. 
  11. Effectively communicate, orally and in writing, with the public and District personnel.
  12. Participate in Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District's rotating on-call support schedule. 
  13. Work callback and sometimes work in adverse weather conditions.
  14. Safely operate a District vehicle, when assigned in the performance of essential job functions.