County of Sonoma

Santa Rosa , CA
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Civil Engineering Division Manager

County of Sonoma
Santa Rosa, CA Full-time
Posted on January 13, 2019
Transportation and Public Works seeks an experienced civil engineer to manage their Road and Bridge Division. Starting salary up to $63.71/hour ($132,970/year) plus a cash allowance of $600/month.*
Experience: Normally, any combination of experience which would provide the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and abilities listed herein. Normally, five years of full-time, professional engineering experience, including two years at the level of Senior Civil Engineer with the County of Sonoma would provide such opportunity.

License: Possession of a valid certificate of registration as a Civil Engineer issued by the California State Board of Registration for Civil and Professional Engineers. Registration may be documented by presentation of the applicable certificate. It is highly desirable for the incumbent of the position allocated to the Permit and Resource Management Department to have both a valid certificate of registration as a Civil Engineer and as a Licensed Land Surveyor. Possession of a valid California driver's license is required for various assignments.

Possession of a valid driver's license at the appropriate level including special endorsements, as required by the State of California, may be required depending upon assignment to perform the essential job functions of the position.


Extensive knowledge of: the principles, practices, and techniques of civil engineering; statistics and advanced mathematics including algebra and analytic geometry; topographic and construction surveying, stress analysis, analytical mechanics and the strength, properties and uses of construction materials; common methods and equipment utilized in engineering construction and of inspection methods used in reviewing such work; real property descriptions; civil engineering design and drafting methods and equipment; legal requirements concerning the design, construction and inspection methodology necessary for private and commercial structures as well as major construction projects; the daily operations of a modern solid waste disposal facility.

Considerable knowledge of: the principles and practices relating to modern budget, program and systems management; English syntax and grammar; the principles, practices and techniques of supervision and training.

Working knowledge of: building inspection as well as plan checking practices and techniques.

Ability to: successfully manage complex and technical engineering assignments; effectively supervise and direct the work of professional, technical, and operations staff; plan and organize various aspects of the work relating to administration, budget, and general management matters; make accurate mathematical calculations; read, understand and interpret complex technical and legal documents, maps, technical drawings and plans; listen attentively and participate in negotiations by providing required data and information; adjust workload changes and work under stress to meet deadlines; develop and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of representatives from governmental and private agencies, construction and consultant contractors, coworkers and the public; write and direct the preparation of technical reports, correspondence, and maintain records; provide effective leadership in the development of new or improved procedures; analyze and review staff reports and recommendations and give constructive criticism; effectively assemble organize and present in written and/or oral form, reports containing alternative solutions and recommendations regarding specific resources, plans and policies; speak before groups regarding department plans, projects and functions.