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Electrician (Substation)

Redding, CA Full-time
Posted on January 4, 2019

invites applications for the position of:
Electrician (Substation)

SALARY: $48.98 - $48.98 Hourly
$3,918.40 - $3,918.40 Biweekly
$8,489.87 - $8,489.87 Monthly
$101,878.40 - $101,878.40 Annually

OPENING DATE: 01/02/19
CLOSING DATE: Continuous
The City of Redding Electric Utility is establishing an eligibility list to fill a current full-time vacancy for the position of Electrician as well as subsequent vacancies that occur during the life of the list. The position requires a working knowledge of utility substation operations principles, processes, and procedures and a comprehensive knowledge of maintenance and mechanical  techniques/procedures, including safety procedures and techniques, and tools and equipment used in the installation, modification, maintenance and operation of high-voltage substation facilities; terminology and mathematics associated with substation activities; basic electronic and electrical theory. Under general supervision, the Electrician position perform all classes of electrical work involved with the installation, testing, repair, and monitoring of protective and supervisory equipment, control and instrumentation devices, revenue meters, station equipment, remote control
devices, telemetering equipment, and recording instruments. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience deploying and troubleshooting electrical substations.

Service, maintain, repair, test, operate, install, and calibrate all equipment and facilities encompassed by that of an electric utility, such as electric substations and power generation facilities and their respective control, metering, protective relaying,instrumentation, transformers, circuit breakers, supervisory, telemetering, monitoring, and communications systems and all associated apparatus; install, test, and maintain instrument transformers and revenue metering; perform recording voltage surveys at customers' service panels; test, calibrate, install, fabricate, service, repair and maintain
electrical devices and equipment; communicate and work with customers, contractors, other City employees and associated government agencies; perform inspections on electrical construction  projects; read and field corrects construction drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematics; provide, maintain, and develop records, test reports, and test procedures for assigned work orders; operate, program, and maintain software and computer equipment related to maintaining inventory, metering, voltage recording, and AMI applications; perform other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of: Accident prevention rules and regulations; the National Electric Code requirements; local codes and regulations; EUSERC standards; Title 8 (OSHA); utility operating, maintenance, and testing procedures; appropriate electrical theory; and electrical test equipment and standards of measurement, computer applications for utility testing and maintenance. Ability to: Interact effectively with the public and employees; communicate effectively orally and in writing; demonstrate qualified electrical and electronics background including appropriate use of electrical test instruments,  computers, and other measurement devices; read electrical blue prints, schematics, and equipment manuals; operate small hand tools; operate vehicles, forklifts, bucket trucks and other related equipment; and perform work with skill, efficiency, and safety.


Education & Experience: Any combination of training or experience that provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for satisfactory job performance. Typical education would include a high school diploma, or equivalent, with additional course work in electricity, electronics, and electrician apprenticeship training. Typical experience would include five years of relevant journey-level experience. In addition to metering experience, a background in the installation, operation and repair of substation monitoring and control equipment is highly desirable.

Special Requirements: Possession of a valid California Driver's license or the ability to acquire one within ten days of appointment.

Please be advised all notifications pertaining to this recruitment (e.g. exam invitations, exam results) will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address provided on your employment application. Please be sure to provide your current and complete e-mail address. Check your inbox as well as your spam folder for correspondence as your e-mail provider or personal settings may flag the e-mail as spam. Contact the Personnel Department with any questions.

Application Process: Interested individuals must submit a City of Redding online employment application in order to be considered. This is a continuous recruitment and may close at any time with minimal or no notice. Applications not submitted by the close of the recruitment may not be considered; therefore, prompt application is encouraged. 

Incomplete applications may not be processed. Meeting the announced requirements does not guarantee selection into the examination process. Applications will be reviewed to determine those best qualified to be tested.

Veterans Credit: Veterans who have received an honorable discharge from the military service and receive a passing score on the examination will have 2 points added to their final examination score. To obtain this credit, veterans MUST provide a copy of the DD214, indicating honorable discharge, WITH EACH EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION BY THE CLOSING DATE.

Examination Process: An oral board interview, written examination, practical exercise, or any combination thereof, may be administered.




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Position #815E 853 012019

Electrician (Substation) Supplemental Questionnaire
* 1. Describe your electrical substation experience (please list hours with each type of relevant experience. Please list type of work such as, but not limited to, voltage class and manufacturer of breakers; station-class power transformers and LTC's; relay types, models, and test methods; communication devices, protocols, and test methods; safety procedures; etc.)
* Required Question